Pro Tips for Staffing An Exhibition Stand

06 Jun

How to Make Sure That You Get the Right Exhibition Stand Staff

If you’re planning to organise a major exhibition, you need to make sure that you set some concrete goals. After all, in this case, you are getting ready to attract exhibitors and attendees to a dynamic environment where the competition will be all over. So, each part of your planning will need to be top-notch for everyone to go away happy. In particular, you must focus on getting the right people to represent your organisation, as they will be front and centre on the day. And if you’re looking for temporary event staff to fill these roles, they’ll need to have specific attributes and be well trained to hit the ground running right away. So, how can you ensure that your exhibition staff are up to this significant challenge?

Turning to an Agency

When getting ready for an exhibition, it’s not always easy to find suitable staff from within your organisation. You may not have the numbers, experience or capability and may want to turn to a specific agency for help.

The agency you work with will fully understand the difference between a promotional staff member and someone adept in an exhibition setting. As a result, they will ensure that all temporary staff members assigned to the project create a fantastic impression. In addition, they will be well-versed in working within this type of B2B environment.

Meeting the Grade

You’re unlikely to get the best result from such a significant project if your exhibition staff do not meet the grade. After all, you may put considerable effort into crafting an eye-catching event and have perfected your brand imagery and presentation. In addition, your marketing plan may be top-notch, and your executive team might know what they want to achieve, but it may still all come down to your front-facing staff. Therefore, they must be able to represent your brand well, fully understand your ambition and help you achieve your goals.

Choosing Your Staff Members

To start the ball rolling, determine how many individual staff members you will require and what their roles are likely to be. This work will depend on the scale of your presence and the size of your exhibition.

You may need people with specific duties, such as a host (for those initial greetings) who will lead people into the registration area for initial processing. In addition, you’ll undoubtedly need an array of staff to register each visitor and ensure they check their credentials before giving them all the necessary promotional material.

As the day unfolds, you may need certain team members in charge of stewarding and general movement, with others assigned to helpdesk functions.

Defining Objectives

Each staff member will need to know all about your objectives and require specific skills. Therefore, you will need to work closely with the agency at the outset to define how each person should perform and what skills they may require. For example, the agency can allocate staff members who are particularly good at problem-solving and could have a supervisory capacity while engaging with prospects and selling the sizzle.

Allocating Time for Exhibition Sales Training

You may also need to allocate some time for specific product training before the event. While the staff members will have the necessary personal and professional skills to engage with prospects and move them towards your goals, they may invariably need the training to bring them up to speed with your specific industry.

Relying on Top Skills

All exhibition staff must have the key attributes. For example, they’ll be professional and have the best personality for this type of position. They will be well spoken and certainly well presented, with an engaging and pleasing demeanour that will help disarm any problems. Your staff members will also be able to think on the go, solve problems as they arise, and be highly efficient at their work.

Working Together as a Team

In addition to their specific skills, individual members will have experience working together as a team. While they may have a mixture of job skills, they know that if your venture is to be successful, they certainly need to back each other up from time to time. Crucially, they’ll be good at working under pressure, which means that if many visitors happen to arrive at the same time, they won’t let this phase them. Instead, they’ll work together as a team to pay the right amount of attention to the prospect in front of them while recognising and drawing in those around the periphery.

Dealing With More Complex Needs

No two exhibitions are the same, and you need to work closely with your appointed agency to determine your specific needs. While delegate registration is always a crucial part of such an exhibition, you may also have certain events within your larger event. For example, you might have a central stage where a presenter may interview important people from within the industry. In this case, you may need additional staff used to working with luminaries or media figures to help manage their attendance. They’ll ensure that your schedule goes ahead on time and that your speakers are well cared for as they wait for their moment on stage.

Leaving Nothing to Chance

You cannot afford to leave anything to chance as you plan your major exhibition. You’ll work with various clients, from exhibitors to attendees, at such an important B2B event. Those clients will have different expectations and want to ensure that they recoup their investment. As your staff members will often be their first point of contact and will certainly make an impression, you need to make sure that you get the best possible recruits from your partner agency. Anything less and you may jeopardise your entire outcome, your budget, and your reputation.

Taking the First Step

Talk with the knowledgeable and friendly staff at eventeem. They’ll take the time to understand your upcoming exhibition and work to find the right staff members.