Reebok Nano Box Battles

13 Jan


January is always a busy time for the fitness industry, gyms are queuing out the door whilst fitbits are the new hot cakes. It is only fitting then, that we bring you an appropriate EventStream, confirming this as the healthiest time of year. Therefore, it’s my pleasure to introduce the Reebok Nano Box Battles.


A Unique Launch For The Reebok Nano 7

Reebok are, in celebration of the release of the new Nano 7 footwear, holding ‘box battles’ across participating  FitHubs, drawing CrossFit enthusiasts from far and wide.


What They Did

Participants must ‘represent your box’ completing the Nano WOD (workout of the day) and the quickest times will have a chance to win the grand prize of  £175 Reebok vouchers for both male and female winners.

Reebok are encouraging casual fitness lovers to show support by coming down to cheer on those competing. They will also be able to speak with Reebok brand ambassadors, who will be there to encourage and advise visitors with helpful tips.

Even a Ferrari can’t run without fuel, that’s why Reebok are providing a buffet of healthy food and drink options to keep visitors topped up.

Reebok have some other incentives in the form of a ‘Power Your Progress’ challenge, as well as seven exclusive Nano 7 t-shirts to give away and DJ playing upbeat tunes to keep the tempo up.

The events started yesterday (12th) in Reebok’s Covent Garden store and continue today at King’s Road (13th) and tomorrow Bluewater shopping centre (14th).


Why We Like It

FitHubs are stores specially designed to give fitness classes and therefore, provide the perfect venue for this inventive product launch, which accurately engages its target consumers. Reebok has demonstrated a clear understanding of its target audience, and will likely reap the rewards as a result.


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