Events industry news – SHU experiential marketing degree

29 Sep

Keeping you up to date with the moving and shaking of the events and experiential world, events industry news covers important stories, as well as, interesting and innovative events from around the world. Today we will be taking a look at the UK’s first experiential marketing degree.



SHU – The Uk’s First Experiential Marketing Degree


We’re pleased to inform you that the UK’s first experiential marketing degree launched yesterday at SHU. The course will teach theory alongside more practical aspects, such as delivering pitches and planning various aspects of events. The University will be working in tandem with experiential agency TRO, known for its work with Nissan, Unilever and Volvo, to deliver a course which incorporates digital marketing, PR and the international business environment. These modules run alongside those which focus on the legal, operational and human aspects of events management. TRO will also be closely involved, running guest lectures throughout the course.  The final year of the course sees students designing and implementing their own event for a legitimate client, alongside a research project.



In addition to this, students have the opportunity, after their second year, to take a year in a paid work placement. Using the university’s network of industry contacts students will have support finding high quality contracts, earning up to £22,000 for the year.  This presents an unprecedented opportunity for young people in higher education to gain practical experience in what is a relatively young subject matter.

The inception of this course is a landmark in the history of experiential marketing, a field which has received rapidly increasing praise from the industry, reflected in the significant increase in experiential spending over the last two years. It would come as a great surprise were other academic institutions not to follow SHU’s example.


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