How to Staff a Sampling Event

20 Apr

As we know, organisation is key when planning and executing any event, especially when it comes to matching the right staff to the right event. A sampling event is no different, particularly when there’s food involved.

At Eventeem, we’ve provided staff for many sampling events and have previously worked with brands such as Peter’s Pies and Nandos to spread both the word, and scrumptious samples of their food.

Whilst sampling events are a great way to get your product out there, there are several things you need to think about beforehand. Here’s a list of the things you need to consider;


What’s being sampled and who’s sampling it?

This will have implications on the whole event and the approach that’s taken.

It goes without saying that the actual food that’s being sampled will have implications on who is approached, legal age limits will need to be taken into consideration if alcohol is involved and suitable safety messages should be made prominent, and event staff made aware, if there are ingredients that may cause allergic reactions.

You also need to consider who the key demographic is for the product and pass the information about the target audience on to the staff who will be handing out samples.

It’s vital that they know who to approach but it can also change the approach and look of the event. For example, if the target market includes children then a branded mascot is a great idea, as mascots will stand out at a venue, encourage interaction and leave a lasting impression.


Is any food preparation required?

Depending on what’s being sampled, some preparation may be needed.

For example, if you’re providing samples of ice cream then you may want to consider branded vans that are equipped with refrigeration units, in which case the site will need to be accessible by the vehicles. Alternatively, staff could carry refrigerated baskets.

If the food needs to be cooked or prepared on-site you’ll need to find out if your event staff are able to do this and also find a site that complies with health and safety regulations to prepare the food. A mobile kitchen would be ideal.

It’s obviously a lot easier if the product is ready to consume without any preparation, since your promotional staff can start handing it out as soon as they arrive.



How many does your sampling event need?

This will depend on a variety of things, such as the size of the location you’ll be sampling in, the amount of products you want sampled and the length of time the sampling will take place over. This is something that an event-staffing agency can help you to work out.


What type of staff do you need?

Of course, it goes without saying that you want highly proficient staff at your event, below are a few things you should consider when hiring staff for a sampling event:


Food safety

If there’s going to be food, then food safety and hygiene is obviously of utmost importance. Your staff will need to ensure that they comply with food safety laws and be aware of any recent updates to these particular laws. It’s worth knowing that there are certain accreditations and certificates that staff need to have in order to deal with food, they should also be able to present evidence of this training too.



Experienced event staff know that time management is key when it comes to the smooth running of an event. With that being said, no matter how organized you are, it’s a sad truth that events will never go quite according to plan. You need staff that will be versatile and accommodating in all situations. Also, staff will be dealing with a variety of different people so they need to act professionally whilst being able to tailor their approach to meet the needs of different people. They’ll need to be approachable and friendly, since the whole point of any sampling event is to create interest in the product on offer.


Customer service

Of course, you’re in charge of the staff you hire, but remember that the staff you hire will have a direct reflection upon you. You should aim to hire staff who are welcoming to all people whilst still working efficiently. When you want to increase brand exposure, you’ll need staff who can effectively promote the brand and leave a good impression.


If you promotional staff or support for a sampling event, contact us.