Starbucks – Cold Craft Coffee Testing Facility

16 May


Starbucks have connected with immersive dining specialists Gingerline’s Institute of Flavourology to create a sensory journey through the tastes of their new cold craft coffee brews.


Starbucks – Cold Craft Coffee Testing Facility


The Aim

To explore the unique tastes of cold craft coffee.


What Are They Doing?

Working in partnership with Gingerline’s Institute of Flavourology, Starbucks have created an experiential campaign called the Cold Craft Coffee Testing Facility, educating visitors on the variety of flavours, smells and textures evoked by their new cold brew range.

The self-described avant garde experience will feature a range of unique dishes using coffee as the main ingredient. Each taste element will be explored individually before looking at how they combine to give the unique, full-bodied flavour Starbucks pride themselves on.

The experience comes at the cost of just five pounds, the entirety of which will be donated to Send A Cow, a charity dedicated to supporting the coffee farming communities of rural Africa through training, livestock and equipment.

Running from 15th-23rd May at Nicholls & Clarke Showrooms, Shoreditch, this campaign promises to be an immersive, engaging journey for coffee experts and amateurs alike.


Why Do We Like It?

The experiential world has seen a rise in the number of educational experiences. Brands are beginning to recognise the primary desire of many of their loyal customers is to increase enjoyment of the product. This is potentially the simplest way for brands to provide value, however many still overlook this tried and true experiential tactic.

Starbucks’ sensory journey does exactly that, giving customers a deeper understanding of the intricacies and minute differences between brews, putting their years of experience and expert knowledge to good use.This translates to a deeper appreciation of the product in future, as consumers recognise the various different smells, textures and flavours in their day to day lives.

Furthermore, taking a £5 donation from each visitor for Send A Cow not only affirms Starbucks position on CSR, but also makes the customer feel like a part of the overall contribution, giving a sense of community and creating a deeper, more engaged bond between them and the brand.


Tasting experiences are just one of a diverse catalogue of potential experiential activities for your brand, to find out more about how we could help you, contact us today!