they’re a talented bunch!

28 Jul

The more and more promotional staff that join our agency each week, the more diverse our database becomes and I can’t help but be impressed by how talented they all are.


Talented Promotional Staff

Whilst around 50% of our database is made up of career driven event staff who work full time in the industry on a permanent basis, the remainder are generally working in promotions and events alongside ‘something else’. Yes we have a number of students that are working with us for a limited time alongside their studies, and we have dozens of highly talented actors and actresses who are utilising their exceptional communication skills on our promotional campaigns whilst searching for their big break, but it’s those with particularly special skills that always intrigue me.


Last year when we were asked by a client to source a team of skilled roller skaters for a sampling campaign, who’d have thought that right here nestled in our database, we’d find not one but two dancers from the cast of Starlight Express? (Yes of course they got the job, we snapped them up straight away!).


I’d expect to find a number of proficient face painters on our database, and am delighted to see these staff booked on family campaigns throughout the year, but I was completely and pleasantly amazed this week when I reviewed the profile of a new recruit, to find that not only is she an expert face painter and balloon modeller with the DBS certificate to go with it, but that she also turns her hand to fire breathing as and when required…although I imagine not at the same event!


So our promotional and event staff really are a diverse and incredibly talented bunch. But don’t just take our word for it – if you’re looking for something a little different for your next experiential campaign, contact us, you never know who we may find for you!