Top 5 Experiential Campaigns: April 2017

03 May


Each month we search far and wide for the most innovative and unique experiential campaigns. Today we take a look at the best campaigns from April 2017, featuring: The Economist, Nestlé, Runner’s World, Singha and David Lloyd. 

As always, we share our favourite campaigns with the community in the hope of providing inspiration, fascination or perhaps just an excuse for procrastination.


Top 5 Campaigns – April 2017


1. David Lloyd – ‘Napercise’



The Aim

To improve moods, burn calories and reinvigorate minds.


What They Did

Taking place, for the first time, on 29th-30th April, David Lloyd created a fitness class aimed to promote the role sleep plays in living a healthy, balanced life. Guests were treated to 45 minute-long ‘Napercise’ sessions, where weights, treadmills and motivational trainers were cast aside, with comfy beds, atmospheric sounds and eye-masks taking their place.

Speaking in an interview, a spokesperson for the brand remarked:

“According to our research, 86% of parents admit to regularly suffering from fatigue which is alarmingly high when you consider the important role getting a good night’s sleep can play in our overall mental and physical wellbeing. Here at David Lloyd Clubs, we’re always looking for new ways to tackle the issues that everyday families face, which is what ‘Napercise’ sets out to do.”


Why We Like It

David Lloyd has run multiple campaigns recently, including ‘Run For Your Bun’ and ‘Door To Door Personal Training‘, ‘Napercise’ reemphasizes the brand’s commitment to engaging customers through innovative campaigns.

What’s most impressive is that the brand has managed to keep these campaigns focused on research-driven health issues, providing something of genuine value to guests at little to no cost. This is experiential marketing as it’s meant to be.



2. Singha – Songkran



The Aim

To share authentic Thai culture with London.


What They Did

Across 12th-13th April, Singha teamed up with pop-up restaurant Farang to give guests an authentic Thai culinary experience in celebration of Songkran water festival, the Thai New Year.

Given the festival’s title, Singha naturally took to the Thames, aboard London’s Battersea Barge, showcasing the tastes, sights and sounds of Thai culture. Guests were greeted on deck with a beer and a tour of London’s waterways, followed by a menu, designed by Farang’s head chef Sebby Holmes, to pair perfectly with Singha’s unique taste.

Finally, visitors were invited to ring in the new year with music, dancing, traditional Thai crafts  and a chance to meet the man behind the menu in person.


Why We Like It

We love experiential campaigns that reflect the values at the heart of a brand. With this Songkran event, Singha proudly share their culture and heritage with a nation fully familiar with the brand, but perhaps not the people. The best events are based in authenticity and passion, both of which this campaign has in abundance.



3. Runner’s World – Boston Marathon




The Aim

To hold the brand’s first ever experience at the 121st Boston Marathon.


What They Did

From April 14th-16th Runner’s World activated at the Boston Marathon, hosting a huge roster of events for the historic event’s guests to dig into!

Alongside core, yoga, self-defence and pre-race preparation classes, the brand also hosted a series of panel discussions, including a talk from Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to run the marathon, as well as, book signings by authors like Shalane Flanagan of Run Fast, Eat Slow, and a competition with a chance to win tickets to the global premier of Boston: The Documentary.

In addition, Runner’s World created a line of merchandise, exclusive to the event, and invited interested runners to meet the people behind the brand, including 1968 Boston Marathon champion and now Runner’s World editor Amby Burfoot.


Why We Like It

This campaign is a prime example of delivering an experience tailored perfectly to your audience, which makes the fact that it is Runner’s World’s first even more amazing.

It’s common knowledge that marathon’s are now well-attended, by friends, family, fans and runners alike. Activating here gave the brand a huge pool of potential attention to tap into.

With regard to the content, the brand covered every base, exclusive giveaways, merchandise and classes are all huge draws, whilst talks and book signings with these huge industry personalities are must-sees for running fanatics. Do not be surprised if Runner’s World set 2018 as the date for round 2.



4. Nestlé – Aisle Of Wonder


Aisle of Wonder


The Aim

To build on the success of the previous years activation.


What They Did

This April marked the return of Nestlé’s highly successful Aisle of Wonder campaign to Westfield Stratford, after its inception in 2016. The pop-up gives cereal lovers the choice between 12 different cereals and a host of toppings and yoghurts to accompany them, with something for the sweet tooth and the fitness fiend.

Nestlé also offered visitors the chance to purchase a personalised box of their favourite cereal from the pop-up. For those unfortunate enough not to be able to visit, Nestlé held a social hashtag competition with these ‘named’ boxes as the prize.

Marketing manager at Cereal Partners UK, Michelle Bull, said on the campaign:

“We’re delighted to be bringing the Aisle of Wonder back again this year. It’s a fun, engaging experience that demonstrates the different ways you can enjoy Nestlé Breakfast Cereals. Also, we’re particularly excited to be offering personalised cereal boxes for the first time.”


Why We Like It

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, Nestlé had huge success last year with the ‘Aisle of Wonder’, therefore it’s no surprise they chose to bring it back for 2017. The concept of the pop-up itself is fun, unique and accessible, whilst the social integration is a great example of amplifying an event’s reach through digital channels.

Finally, personalisation is touted by many to be one of the experiential trends of 2017. Thus, offering ‘named’ cereal boxes at a marginally increased price, shows a firm understanding of both experiential planning and customer needs.



5. The Economist – Food Waste Activations



The Aim

To bring Economist articles to life through a series of experiential activations.


What They Did

As part of their #feedingthefuture campaign, this April, The Economist is holding a series of activations, giving out food and drink to the public in order to highlight the issues raised in the publication.

Firstly, across London, in Denmark Hill, Kingston, Boxpark, Chiswick High Road, Sloane Square, Clapham High Street, Canary Wharf and Bloomsbury, pedestrians can get a free ‘biodiesel’ coffee, highlighting the potential for creating high-quality advanced biodiesel from coffee grounds instead of non-renewable resources like plants or land.

Similarly, across London stations, travelers can pick up free ‘ugly food’ smoothies, made with food deemed to misshapen or discoloured for supermarket shelves, highlighting the inherent culture of waste in our society.

Finally, in Manchester, Birmingham and London, residents are being offered ice cream with edible insect toppings, based on the article “why eating insects makes sense,” which discusses this as a potential solution to growing concerns about overpopulation.


Why We Like It

We love a campaign that champions a cause, particularly in cases like this, where The Economist has no vested interest in these issues, other than being residents of planet earth. This campaign shows a concerted effort to raise awareness about huge issues which could potentially define the coming era of life as we know it.

In doing this, the popular publication have struck gold. The #feedingthefuture campaign thrusts the real issues into the spotlight, which, in turn, casts the brand in a highly positive light, making them appear the selfless saviours. A highly effective experiential strategy, thoroughly deserving of all the praise it gets.


Thanks for reading, have these campaigns piqued your interest in what experiential can do for your brand? If so, don’t hesitate to get in contact, we’d love to help make your next campaign a winner!