Top 5 Articles of The Week – 11/08

01 Sep
In a week that heralds the return of the Premier League we’ve been looking far and wide for experiential insight, once more. In our top 5 articles for the week ending 11/08 we’ve got more campaigns from Three and Oreo; unique uses of RFID from Eventbrite; generation-bridging content from DioUSA; alongside Forbes’ 4 keys to great storytelling, roll out…

Top 5 Articles – 11/08


Campaigns Of The Week – 11/08

Three X Time Out London – ‘Streamliner Go Binge’



Teaming up with London lifestyle magazine Time Out, Three have created the “Streamliner Go Binge”, a floating viewing gallery where competition winners can enjoy Netflix classics like Narcos and Stranger Things in an immersive setting complete with actors in character.

The campaign comes in promotion of Three’s “Go Binge” initiative, offering customers free data to stream TV and music through various services.


READ IF: You’re looking for a campaign making the most out of partnerships, combined with some awesome installation design.


Oreo – ‘Discover Your Flavour’



Promoting the release of their latest flavour, Choc’o Brownie, Oreo have teamed up with brand experience agency HeyHuman, for an experiential roadshow tour of the UK, stopping at various festivals along the way.

The main feature of the experience is a Buzzfeed-style quiz to determine which of Oreo’s four unique flavours they are most attuned to.

READ IF: You want a clever example of a product launch that simultaneously promotes the brand’s lesser known products in a highly topical and engaging way.



Experiential Marketing Insight – 11/08


Eventbrite – 5 Interesting Ways to Use RFID at Your Event



This article from Eventbrite UK explores 5 campaigns that make unique, engaging uses of RFID, a proximity-based technology that opens up a world of connectivity options for brands to play with.

In this article you will see everything from smart festival bracelets to model villages, with activations from brands including Ray-Ban and Tomorrowland.

READ IF: You’re interested in how top brands are making creative use of the latest technologies.


DioUSA – Bridge the Generation Gap with Experiential Marketing



This article from DioUSA explores, in depth, how experiential marketing can be used to bridge the perceived gaps between generations that force marketers to tailor their offerings.

From Baby Boomers and Gen X, to Millennials and Gen Z, this article explains the various facets of experiential that makes it so highly-effective for a broader approach to marketing.


READ IF: Your brand has a large, varied audience and you’re looking for a way to tie it all together.




Something Completely Different – 11/08


4 Ways To Improve Storytelling When Building Your Brand



A strong narrative has become a prerequisite for brands hoping to compete in the modern market, not just in content, but in every aspect of digital marketing – storytelling is by far the most effective method of engaging an audience.

This article from Forbes covers the integral facets of narrative building, including: audience and goal selection, the need for specificity, the power of authenticity and the ability for people to share your story.

READ IF: You’re looking to develop a strong, consistent narrative for your brand, but don’t know where to start.

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