Top 5 Articles of the Week – 01/09

01 Sep


In a week which heralds the arrival of Autumn, we’ve got more great experiential marketing content for you. The top 5 articles for the week ending 01/09 include:

Campaigns from Corona and American Express
A podcast exploring experiential technology
5 examples of creative food and drink activations
12 ways to increase brand recognition amongst consumers
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Top 5 Articles – 01/09


Campaigns Of The Week – 01/09


American Express – U.S. Open Fan Experience


Activating at the US Open, American Express created an experience where fans could play tennis against an AI opponent – no rackets or whites are required, the game reads each player’s shape and build using a kinetic motion device, which enables the user to use their hand to return the ball. AmEx even partnered with Venus Williams (shown above) to launch the experience and generate a buzz.

READ IF: You’re looking for an example of a brand using cutting-edge technology to create and engaging activation.


Corona – Aboveground Events Series



Launching the brand’s latest experiential campaign, Corona held the first of many London-based events at the capital’s tallest building, The Shard. The purpose of this campaign is to show off the skyline at sunset from various locations across the city – along with a spectacular view, guests can enjoy a house DJ, hammocks and, of course, a few Coronas.  


READ IF: You’re looking for a unique creative, tied in perfectly with the brand.

Experiential Marketing Insight – 01/09

Experiential Marketing Meets Tech [Podcast]



This podcast from PushPullSales investigates a current trend whereby experiential marketers are turning to tech companies to bolster their campaigns and events. Steve Alexander, CEO of MVRK and emerging tech expert, discusses the technology behind experiential and tips to make your campaign “go viral”. 


LISTEN IF: You’re a marketer who wants to remain competitive, as technology becomes an integral part of experience.


Five Innovative Examples Of Food & Drink Brand Experiences



Econsultancy have compiled five of the best experiential activations from food and drinks brands worldwide. These campaigns have been chosen because they stand apart from others in terms of creativity, scale and execution – the article is full of valuable lessons and takeaways for experiential food and drinks marketers to learn from.

READ IF: You’re involved in marketing food and drinks brands and are looking for creative inspiration.

Something Completely Different – 01/09


12 Ways To Communicate Your Brand To Customers For Increased Recognition



From experiential marketing to offering self-service, whilst not “completely” different, this educational article from Forbes contains 12 strategies and tactics submitted by Forbes Communication Council executives which can be applied to your brand on a day-to-day basis.

READ IF: You want to sharpen your marketing blade. As always, the best way to learn is to learn from the best, the Forbes Communication Council certainly fit that description.


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