Top 5 Articles of the Week – 04/08

03 Aug


In a week which saw the new series of GBBO teased, in a relatively underwhelming manner, we’ve been on the lookout again. In our top 5 articles for the week ending 04/08 we’ve got more lead generation advice from Inc.; a look into life as eventeem’s client account manager; a new service from Airbnb, and a welcome treat from Intu; along BizBash’s analysis of the weirdest and wildest events from San Diego Comic Con, stand by…


Top 5 Articles – 04/08


Campaigns Of The Week


Airbnb X Little Concert – Local Music Experiences

Partnering with local music specialists Little Concert, Airbnb are trialing their upcoming music-based experiences with two events designed to give guests a unique look at London’s local cultures.

The first experience explores the concept of ‘urban wineries’ with a tasting tour around London Cru, the cities first, and multi-award winning, winery and music provided by Tony McHugh.

Whereas the second is a walking tour of Camden, led by local venue owner Rafael, as he guides guests through the area’s famous spots, including the canal and “the best view of London” from Primrose park. This is followed by a private performance from a local musician in Rafael’s venue.

EXAMPLE OF: A giant company constantly on the lookout to expand its offering based on consumer tastes.


Intu – Mini Ice Cream Van



In the light of new research suggesting people enjoy eating ice cream during summer (obviously), Intu have created the “world’s smallest ice cream van”, touring their centres dishing out free ice cream. 

The tour plans to visit each Intu centre nationwide, the mini ice cream van forming part of Intu’s summer marketing activities, aiming to inspire happiness amongst consumers.

We love this campaign because it’s a promotional activity that isn’t promoting anything in particular, other than the Intu brand, by giving more than they take.

EXAMPLE OF: A brand responding to current research with a campaign that provides more value than it takes.


Experiential Marketing Insight


Comic-Con 2017: See How Brands Stood Out With Stunts, Activations, and Parties



Brands such as HBO, Amazon, Fox, and SyFy relied heavily on virtual reality, unique photo ops, and immersive experiences to entertain Comic-Con International’s 130,000 attendees.

This article from BizBash covers some of the weirdest, wildest and most spectacular activations from the biggest brands at San Diego Comic Con 2017.

READ IF: You’re looking for the most creative experiential activations of 2017


A Day In The Life: Client Account Manager



Our A Day In The Life Series gives our readers an inside look on the day to day workings of our agency, told through the eyes of its members – each edition looks at a different area of the business, but all come together to paint a picture of what life is like at eventeem.

In this weeks edition, we hear from Hayley, eventeem’s client account director as she sheds light on what it’s like to work on the client-facing side of the company – managing everything from event staff, to graphic production, to client requests and much much more.

READ IF: You’re interested in the day-to-day goings on of agency life and would like to learn more about what we do here at eventeem.


Something Completely Different


How to Turn Your Leads Into Customers: 5 Steps You Need to Know



Your ultimate goal is to increase sales, and grow your business, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup founder, app developer, entrepreneur, or e-commerce website owner. There’s one secret weapon that can skyrocket the growth of your business.

This article from Inc. details the 5 steps you need to know to turn your fresh leads into converting customers – covering buyer personas, lead generation strategy, nurturing techniques and conversion tactics.

READ IF: You’re a marketer who’s uncertain about the direction of their lead generation strategy, or perhaps just need a gentle nudge in the right direction.


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