Top 5 Articles Of The Week 18/08

01 Sep
In a week where the marketers of the future received the most important results of their lives… so far, we’ve been busy. For our top 5 articles for the week ending 18/08 we’ve got campaigns from The North Face and Waitrose; lessons for targeting commuters from EventMarketer; the latest social media trends in experiential marketing; and finally, 6 tips from Forbes on improving WOM marketing, let’s go…

Top 5 Articles – 18/08


Campaigns Of The Month – 18/08

Waitrose – Summer Festival



Starting today (18th August) and lasting the whole weekend, Waitrose are hosting their first Summer Festival at the brand’s own Leckford Estate. Guests are invited to enjoy a variety of masterclasses, food, drink, kid’s activities, as well as the chance to meet the chefs behind the Waitrose brand.

The festival promises to be a smash hit with Waitrose inviting customers to experience the core values of the brand as they see them.


READ IF: You’re interested in how brands can create events that personify their core beliefs on a grand scale.


The North Face – Walls Are Made For Climbing



In what many see as a response to Donald Trump’s cries to build a wall on the USA-Mexico border, The North Face have come up with the Walls Are Made For Climbing campaign, an attempt to bring the world closer together through the medium of climbing.

The campaign features a variety of facets and activations, including free climbing sessions in countries across the world – attended by climbing legends like Alex Honnold; as well as an OOH installation in Clerkenwell Junction


READ IF: you’re interested in multi-faceted campaigns that send a message whilst remaining true to the brand’s core beliefs.


Experiential Marketing Insight – 18/08

Experiential Marketing Trends: Social media



Social media is essential for any successful experiential marketing activation or event – this article covers the trends, strategies and platforms, used by modern event marketers, that are most effective.

Covering everything from platform selection by event, audience and objective; all the way to tactics to employ pre, during and post event to achieve the desired levels of exposure, engagement or attendance.


READ IF: You are involved in event marketing… staying abreast of social media trends is the only way to stay relevant in the medium.


Marketing To Commuters: How To Make It Count


This article from EventMarketer details exactly where, when and how brands can access commuters in the most effective manner – told from the perspective of three different brands. 

Covering train stations, city streets and busy airports, this article is must for marketers who actively employ OOH and experiential activations.


READ IF: You’re a brand looking to disrupt the morning commute effectively, rather than annoyingly.



Something Completely Different – 18/08

6 Things That Can Vastly Improve Your Word Of Mouth Marketing 



Forbes contributer Steve Olenski compiled this article on the 6 things proactive CMOs or marketers in general can use to improve their word of mouth marketing.

In the modern, social media-dominated, marketplace brand evangelists are one of the most powerful sources of promotion with consumer trust becoming increasingly placed in the hands of peers over brands – this article shows exactly how that promotion can be increased.


READ IF: Your brand needs to motivate more active brand evangelists, which, let’s be honest, everyone does.


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