Top 5 Articles Of The Week – 25/08

01 Sep
In a week which sadly saw the loss of one of Britain’s great entertainers, we’ve kept our noses to the grindstone. For our top 5 articles for the week ending 25/08 we’ve got campaigns from The Barclaycard and Electrolux; experiential marketing lessons from the best in the business; and finally, 10 little-known Facebook marketing hacks to try right now. Lock and load…

Top 5 Articles – 25/08


Campaigns Of The Week – 25/08


Electrolux – Sustainability Events



Swedish electronics brand Electrolux are campaigning to raise awareness for sustainability in food and textiles at The Stockholm Act, a festival to be held in the Swedish capital, aimed at promoting sustainable development practices working towards 2030.

The campaign features multiple pop-up partnerships with brands in specialised industries, ensuring each experience is both unique and engaging for guests.


READ IF: You’re interested in inventive, fun ways to promote corporate social responsibility.


Barclaycard – Contactless Ice-cream Van



In response to research that has found 40% of Brits choose not to buy ice-cream from vans to avoid long queues, Barclaycard are trialing a cutting edge solution to the problem: a contactless, self-service ice-cream van, with a serve time of less than 60 seconds.

This campaign from Barclaycard is a truly creative means to promote the brand’s quite technical services in a way that’s easy to identify and engage with.


READ IF: You’re looking for inspiration as to how to use experiential marketing in a “less glamorous” industry.



Experiential Marketing Insight – 25/08


15 Fresh Faces Changing the Face of Experiential Marketing – Inc


Credit: Getty Images


This article from Inc covers 15 experienced marketers who help their brands by bringing “their products to life in innovative ways”. Each mini profile covers who the marketer is, their relation to the brand and notable “wins” from their careers. These are to be used as jump off points to study these people, what they’ve done, and what makes their work both unique and successful.


READ IF: You work in marketing and have a genuine desire to better your craft – who better to learn from than the best?


Ministry of Sound’s Events & Brand Director Interview – The Drum



The Drum interview Andrew Akuffo, director of events and brand at Ministry of Sound, ahead of his judging post at The Drum UK Event Awards 2017. Amongst other things, they discuss experiential marketing’s ability to connect with audiences, tracking live ROI of events and how social media advances will enable the spread of experiential outside metropolitan areas.


READ IF: You’re keen to learn – this interview goes into much greater depth than the profiles above, giving genuine insight into the mind of someone at the top of the experiential marketing game.




Something Completely Different – 25/08


10 Hidden Facebook Marketing Hacks You Can Try Today – Buffer


Credit: Buffer


From advanced analytics, to audience insights, to creating pixels, this article from Buffer covers 10 lesser-known tips and tricks for maximising the results of your Facebook marketing campaigns. With 1.8 billion active monthly users, if Facebook isn’t an area your brand is targeting, now is the time to start!


READ IF: You’re an experienced social media marketer or a green beginner, chances are you’ll learn something new!

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