Top 5 Campaigns of December 2016

12 Jan


Every month we search far and wide for the most innovative and unique experiential campaigns. Today we’ll be taking a look at five campaigns which caught our eye in the month of December 2016, in order to provide inspiration, fascination or perhaps just an excuse for procrastination.


Top 5 Campaigns: December 2016

UBER Puppies



What was the aim?

To raise awareness of, and funds for, the problem of homeless dogs, changing perceptions about their unsuitability as pets.


What they did

Uber joined with Purina and local homeless dog shelter SOSD to create a puppy delivery service. Users could book 15 minutes of cuddle time with 2 out of 24 carefully screened pups.

The puppies were delivered by Uber to user’s locations and came with a volunteer from the shelter who was there to supervise, collect donations and provide information.

The free service lasted for one day only and experienced extremely high demand, who can blame them.


Why we like it!

Firstly, it involves puppies, so it’s going to be very hard to say anything bad about this campaign.

However, we also like this campaign because firstly, it is an example of multi-national company standing up for the (really) little guy, which grants great exposure to the issue and a huge positive PR buzz for Uber.

Secondly, it showcases a creative solution to a problem using what you have available to you. Both Uber and SOSD are making use of capabilities they both possess and excel at.

The perfect way to ensure that a campaign runs well is do something you know you’re good at, in this case, getting a vehicle to the users’ location, promptly (Uber), educating people about the dogs and the challenges they face (SOSD) and being adorable (the pups).



Dead Rising Christmas Lights



What was the aim?

Rather than recruiting the traditional B-list celebrity, Xbox wanted to create a live experience where the lights were switched on by the combined effort of loyal customers and players.


What they did

As part of the ‘light on’ event at the Brunswick Centre, Xbox teamed up with McCann London to create their own Christmas experience.

Through the power of live-streaming, Xbox players around the world worked together to activate a the installation. By collectively dropping a zombified hand onto the big red button, fans switched on the lights and released the festive trailer to the world.

These festivities being more in line with the John McClane ‘Now I have a machine gun, Ho, Ho, Ho,’ school of Christmas cheer than the traditional jolly fat man.


Why we like it!

Any campaign which takes a unique angle on engaging its target audience is one which deserves talking about.

Through a clever combination of piggy-backing the ‘lights on’ event, and adding live-interaction functionality to their stream, Xbox were able to release their new trailer to an audience of engaged viewers around the world.

The unique nature of the event, combined with a thoroughly engaged online audience meant the product’s newest trailer was seen by a vast, attentive audience.



Star Wars: Rogue One Gatwick



What was the aim?

To raise awareness of the film’s launch, as well as, driving sales of branded products throughout the airport.


What they did

Disney collaborated with World Duty Free and Gatwick Airport, transforming the airport with 48 different Star Wars media and marketing sites.

Attractions include: floor to ceiling graphics of scenes from the film; an exhibit, showcasing the original costumes of five of the main characters and a VR experience, which transports users throughout the Star Wars universe.

The launch event was coordinated with YouTube influencer Jack Maynard, as well as, a host of imperial storm troopers and lines of Rogue One themed products, including Lego and fragrance sets, produced by World Duty Free.


Why we like it!

To begin, this campaign makes good use of the captive audience present in any airport around the world, a veritable goldmine who’s value increases with the size of the airport, making Gatwick a very sensible target.

Secondly, by spreading the experience throughout the airport consumers would never feel overloaded by the campaign, instead being regularly reminded of the film’s launch by cues in their environment.

Finally, the collaboration between World Duty Free and Disney enabled the campaign to offer a number of services, including a pay and collect later scheme, meaning outbound passengers could purchase limited edition items and store them at the airport until their return journey, saving valuable luggage space.

With experiential marketing, the devil is in the details and this activation nailed them by delivering customer-focussed experiences and services



KLM Christmas Bonding Buffet



What was the aim?

To create an installation which encapsulated the Christmas spirit of togetherness in an environment which can often be lonely.


What they did

KLM targeted Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, creating a truly unique Christmas dining experience for travellers on their journey. Working with advertising agency DDB & Tribal Amsterdam, they installed a giant, twenty-seater dinner table at the airport. However, the table was on a platform far too high to reach the food it carried.

The solution was the twenty pressure sensitive seats around the table which, when depressed, lowered the table slightly. Once all twenty seats were occupied the table was at the perfect height to enjoy Christmas dinner.

As a result, people from all demographics and walks-of-life joined together to enjoy the meal together, in the spirit of the festive period.


Why we like it!

This campaign epitomises the Christmas spirit, in the more universally accepted, ‘it’s a wonderful life’ kind of way. KLM are famous for their campaigns which appeal to the human spirit in all of us, empathy, philanthropy and togetherness are all natural side effects of the human condition and KLM plays this to their advantage.

The modern era is, unfortunately, underlined by a mistrust of who or what we do not know. This campaign is a reminder of a days gone by, where breaking bread with strangers was not a remarkable event.

This nostalgic call for unity, in a time where the world seems to be growing further apart, shows that KLM know exactly how to hit us in the feels, and good on them for doing it.



Blippar at Covent Garden December 2016



What was the aim?

To create an experience which augmented the shopping experience, by tying local businesses and brands together, whilst entertaining users with innovative technologies.


What they did

Blippar collaborated with over 140 different Covent Garden businesses to create a festive AR retail experience. AR-scannable items included restaurant fronts which allowed users to reserve tables and check menus. In-store gift packs which contained rewards and offers were also available. There was also an interactive map of the area, showing information, events and deals on offer.

In addition to the retail functionalities, Blippar included an AR reindeer hunt, starting in Santa’s AR Grotto and culminating in a giant virtual reindeer flying around Covent Garden’s piazza. The 50ft Christmas tree was also scannable for daily rotating offers.

Finally, the brand collaborated with editors from style experts Hearst Magazines to create a fashion guide covering 35 retailers in the area and providing gift advice for the festive period.


Why we like it!

The sheer level of ambition involved in taking on a campaign of this magnitude is commendable on its own, Blippar pulling it off so effectively is just the icing on the cake.

We like this campaign because it shows of the capabilities of an emerging technology on a much bigger scale than we are used to.

The AR brand essentially created a directory for the area which would continuously provide value for users and partner businesses alike, creating an entirely new, interactive approach to shopping.

The collaborations involved in creating the experience are also important to mention, as they provide great marketing opportunities both ways, alongside the astute use of fashion industry influencers. If the worth of content is measured by the provision of value, Blippar’s is priceless.


That concludes our top 5 experiential marketing campaigns for December 2016. For more content, check out our latest blog articles.

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