Top 5 Experiential Campaigns of November 2016

30 Nov


In this segment we aim to keep you abreast of the dynamic events of the experiential and events industry. Today we’ll be taking a look at five campaigns which caught our eye in the month of November 2016, in order to provide inspiration, fascination or perhaps just an excuse for procrastination.



Top 5 Campaigns: November 2016


HP Omen Challenge Twitch Con 2016

Taking place at Twitch Con this November, the latest instalment in the HP Omen Challenge series once again showcased live user engagement technology in the eSports industry. Pitting four teams of gaming industry influencers against each other in matches of Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm, the challenge allowed viewers to vote for “tortures” to subject the players to. The tortures included ground-shaking earthquakes, wind machine tornados and lightning strobe lights to distract players from the task at hand.



Why is it effective?

This campaign capitalises on the gaming industry’s greatest strength, Interactivity. Live-user engagement events like this help keep crowds engaged. ESports is already a huge industry, however, events like this help to draw the attention of those outside the diehard core fan base. By pioneering with this events series, HP Omen position themselves as a genuine competitor in a market dominated by brands like Dell, Lenovo and Asus.



Coca-Cola Holiday Truck Road Show

Yes it’s that time of year again, the frost is creeping in Christmas ads have been rolling for at least a month now, which means the Coca-Cola Holiday Truck road show is doing the rounds once again. The signature red vehicle has become a staple at Christmas times, drawing crowds of eager children, parents and police officers from far and wide to have photos taken with it and enjoy the brand’s new Christmas animation, along with a complimentary can of Coke of course!



Why is it effective?

The big red truck has become synonymous with Christmas, building on the classic TV ad campaign, the experiential tour is the perfect way to keep one of the world’s biggest brands fresh. Clocking up almost 730,000 miles in its 6 years, It’s estimated that over 8000 people visited the truck in Cardiff alone, moving Optimus Prime over as the cities favourite touring vehicle. The consistent popularity of this campaign demonstrates Coke’s marketing intelligence and reaffirms why they are where they are.



Beats By Dre Heathrow Activation

Running for two months as of November 23rd , Beats By Dre have teamed up with advertising specialists JCDecaux Airport and media group Dentsu Aegis to stage an interactive experience in the departure lounge of Heathrow Terminal 5. The installation features an interactive demonstration counter, equipped with iPads and Beats’ latest wireless products, available to test and buy on-site. Brand ambassadors are also employed to engage consumers and serve as information hubs.


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Why is it effective?

We appreciate the marketing nous involved in this campaign. Airports benefit from long dwell times and affluent customers looking to kill time, Beats have positioned themselves perfectly to exploit these factors. JCDecaux Airport MD Alan Sullivan sums it up perfectly, “Utilising Heathrow’s bespoke experiential space ideally situated in a high footfall area is a fantastic way for Beats to capitalise on the high dwell times, encouraging passenger interaction and driving sales, especially around the Christmas period.”



Just-Eat ‘The Future Now – Redefining Food Discovery’

This event, held by popular online food marketplace app Just-Eat, has received plaudits for giving an insight into the emerging technologies in the market. The brand gave attendees the chance to experience, first-hand, their vision of the future of delivery services. Virtual Reality business analytics, self-driving delivery robots, restaurant menus shown as buffets through Microsoft HoloLens AR technology and new platforms to order from including; Amazon Echo, Apple TV and Xbox One, are just a few highlight from the event. For more information on the event visit Just-Eat


Why is it effective?

We love this campaign because it demonstrates the tenacity to work to stay on the cutting edge, making exciting new technologies work in to their advantage. It also shows a great deal of belief, bringing these technologies under public scrutiny mid-development is a step not many would take. However, we believe it was the smart move, providing an opportunity to gather valuable feedback and test the technology with users outside the production process, leading to a successful campaign which positions the brand as innovators in their field.



Hamleys Regent Street Toy Parade

On November 20th, Hamleys hosted the biggest toy parade London has ever seen on Regent Street, visible from 1.5 miles around. The campaign featured over 400 popular characters including the Sylvanian Families, Fireman Same, Bob the Builder, Barbie and Transformers plus entertainment from marching bands, street theatres and dancers. Around 750,000 visitors were expected to attend what was a truly monumental occasion.



Why is it effective?

This campaign had a colossal reach, 750,000 attendees, plus a livestreaming partnership with Magic.FM meaning the Toy Parade was seen across the UK and beyond. It was a perfect example of a campaign designed for the co-creation of content, with parents naturally keen to post images and video of their children enjoying themselves with the characters all over social media, the video above is a just one example, which has received almost 1500 views itself. The Hamleys Toy Parade is a perfect lesson in how to generate a massive buzz around your brand without overtly marketing to consumers.


That concludes our top 5 experiential marketing campaigns for November 2016. For more content, check out our latest blog articles. Or if you’re looking to run an experiential campaign and need staff, contact us today, we’d love to help!