Top 5 Campaigns of January 2017

30 Jan


Each month we search far and wide for the most innovative and unique experiential campaigns. Today we’ll be kicking off the new year, taking a look at five campaigns which caught our eye in the January 2017. Our goal is to share our favourite campaigns with the community, providing inspiration, fascination or perhaps just an excuse for procrastination.



Top 5 Campaigns: January 2017


Capcom – Resident Evil 7: The Experience



The Aim

To promote the upcoming launch of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard through an engaging live experience.


What they did

Taking place in Shoreditch in London’s east end, Japanese video game titans Capcom created an ‘escape room’ experience inspired by Resident Evil 7’s Baker Estate. Taking place in support of the games launch, the experience sent visitors on the hunt of a missing paranormal TV production team who disappeared in the “haunted and dilapidated venue”. Sticking to the escape rooms theme, would-be rescuers had to solve puzzles and discover hidden clues, all the while out-running the story’s antagonists, the sinister Baker family.


Why we like it

This campaign demonstrates effective, reactive marketing, capitalising on current trends.   Capcom’s PR manager Laura Skelly acknowledged this:

“…there’s a huge popularity for escape rooms at the moment and we thought Resident Evil 7 would be a perfect fit for that type of experiential event”

Whilst Masachika Kawata, the game’s producer, commented:

“I’m extremely excited to see Resident Evil 7: Biohazard come to life through this experience, and for participants to get a little taster of what is to come in the game.”

For us, this sums up a well targeted campaign, giving fans a chance to experience the brand’s content in an alternative. engaging environment, whilst still being heavily influenced by the game it’s promoting.


David Lloyd – ‘Run for your Bun’



The Aim

“To encourage workers to step away from their desks and be more active.” (


What they did

According to David Lloyd’s recent research, “the average office worker spends 90% of their working day sat down and not moving.” this inspired them to create ‘run for your bun’, a campaign which took place from 11-13 January, where diners paid for their meals with a short, high intensity workout.

After a 10 minute warm-up, guests completed a specially designed 6 minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout, including rowing, cycling and squatting with one of the café’s trainers, burning around 150 calories, with an added ‘after-burn effect’. The menu was well paired with the campaign, featuring superfoods avocado and couscous, as well as a skinny chicken burger for the less adventurous visitors.


Why we like it

David Lloyd showed experiential expertise from planning to execution with this campaign. They completed primary research, identified an opportunity in the results and created a campaign to effectively target those effected by it.

Throughout the process, the brand adds value to consumers through free health advice, a free workout and (almost) free food, all in an engaging way.



Reebok – Nano Box Battles



The Aim

To promote the launch of the Nano 7 footwear range, using a campaign targeted at the products primary users, CrossFit athletes.


What they did

In celebration of the launch of their new Nano 7 footwear range, Reebok hosted a series of ‘box battles’ at 3 of their London FitHub stores. Contesting completed a specially designed workout (WOD), with the highest scoring male and female winning a £175 Reebok voucher.

Those not competing were also catered for, with Reebok brand ambassadors dispensing workout and product advice, accompanied by a a wealth of healthy treats for visitors to enjoy.


Why we like it

Reebok are the big name in CrossFit, it’s what the Nano 7s are designed for. Therefore, a campaign designed entirely around the sport is a perfect way to promote this product.

Factor in that Reebok augmented the campaign with local DJs and giveaway competitions and we see the Nano Box Battles effectively served both hardcore and amateur fitness enthusiasts alike.



Airbnb X Pantone – Outside In House

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The Aim

To promote Airbnb’s new feature for experiences, ‘trips’, making use of partner Pantone’s design experience and skills.


What they did

In order to promote Airbnb’s new ‘trips’ service, the brand collaborated with colour specialists Pantone to create the ‘Outside In House’, designed with Pantone’s colour of the year, ‘Greenery’, as the inspiration.

The campaign took place between 27-30 January, featuring as a listing on Airbnb. Visitors could book an overnight stay, or simply attend one of the varied experiences the installation hosted, which ranged from wallpaper masterclasses to terrarium workshops.


Why we like it

This campaign makes effective use of an influencer partnership, effectively incorporating the strengths and ‘draws’ of both brands. In addition to this, the decision to list the ‘Outside In House’ on their own app, allowed Airbnb to directly link the campaign’s PR to their equivalent of an online store.

In short, this campaign demonstrates smart marketing, essentially allowing the product to market itself, using promotion to push it into the public eye.



Cadbury – Creme Egg Hunters’ Lodge



The Aim

To create a visually impressive, topical installation, which immerses visitors in the Creme Egg brand.


What they did

Continuing from last year’s successful campaign, Cabury return with a seasonal roadshow, celebrating #CremeEggHuntingSeason, starting in London and continuing throughout the UK. The lodge will offer visitors a range of creme egg-themed delights, including takeaway s’mores, Creme Black Forest Toastie and Creme Fridge Cakes, with Creme Egg Hunters’ Hot Choc to wash it all down.

The popup features an “impressive floor-to-ceiling display of Cadbury Creme Egg hunting paraphernalia”, as well as ‘the ultimate egg hunt’, a puzzle room, nestled behind a fake bookcase, where hunters must crack the creme egg safe.


Why we like it

Some will argue roadshows are becoming less and less popular, however this campaign’s inventive recipes and beautiful aesthetics prove they just need to be done well. Again we see the incorporation of puzzle games following the popularity of ‘escape rooms’, demonstrating topical thinking and reactive planning.

January is the time of year when creme eggs return to shelves in force, this campaign fulfills the role of reaffirming the brand’s positioning perfectly.


That concludes our top 5 experiential marketing campaigns for January 2017. For more experiential events, check out our latest blog content.

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