Uber Puppies

09 Dec


Every EventStream we bring you the best experiential marketing campaigns, from around the world. The idea is to show off the industry’s best work, to inspire and amaze our readers. Today we’re taking a trip to the other side of the map, as we check out Uber’s latest campaign in Singapore. The mobile ride app have teamed up with local dog shelter SOSD and pet food brand Purina for Uber Puppies, which shows dogs can be for Christmas, but only for 15 minutes!


Uber Puppies: The World’s Most Adorable Delivery Service

Uber Puppies is the latest brain child of the company that brought you Uber and Uber Eats. The campaign is run in conjunction with SOSD, a volunteer run dog shelter in Singapore,  aiming to raise funds and awareness of the country’s homeless dog problem.



The service operates through the regular Uber app, it allows users to request puppies as you would a ride. Each user can book 15 minutes of cuddle time with the pooches, all of whom are residents at the SOSD centre. Uber Puppies goes online at 13:00 today and will last only 4 hours. Uber predict a high demand (for obvious reasons…) and with 24 puppies travelling across 12 cars, it’s safe to say these pups will have earned their treats!




The campaign aims to alter the perception in Singapore that homeless dogs are unsuitable as pets. SOSD president Dr Siew Tuk Wah said on the issue,”People think that homeless dogs, especially mongrels, are unfriendly. In fact, they make great pets,” he added, “We hope to spread the message of adoption this Christmas, and also raise awareness of the stray dog issue in Singapore where thousands of dogs are homeless, or housed in shelters looking for a home.”




There has been resistance from some who believe this campaign is in some way cruel to the dogs. However, according to SOSD, the dogs have been extensively screened to ensure they are ready for human interaction. Every 2 puppies will also be accompanied by a volunteer and workplaces will be vetted in advance, to ensure all parties, canine or otherwise, have a fun, stress-free day.


On the subject, SOSD commented:

“The puppies’ welfare is our top priority, and will never compromise their safety, or well-being for any initiative. Volunteers have worked very hard to make this happen, taking leave, planning behind the scenes, all for a good cause, and we are all set, for a meaningful and fun-filled event!”




Whilst Uber Puppies is free, volunteers will be carrying collection buckets, with SOSD seeing 100% of the money raised. We love this campaign because it’s always nice to see a big corporation fighting for the “underdog”, we’re sure they won’t mind the publicity though. The idea itself is an innovative attempt to change perceptions through positive experiences and we salute Uber for taking the opportunity to tackle what is a serious issue, looking after our four-legged friends during the holiday period.


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