Viral Marketing: Examining Recent Viral Campaigns

13 Dec

Viral Marketing: Examining Recent Viral Campaigns

Are you looking for something “different” to help with your marketing operations? Occasionally, it’s a good idea to look at what may have worked in the past and how other organisations have seen their strategies take off unexpectedly. In the trade, this is known as viral marketing, and it can lead to a significant increase in profitability. How can you get some inspiration from viral marketing examples today?

Crafty Storytelling

Marketing is all about storytelling in many respects, as consumers are increasingly drawn to a genuine narrative that resonates with their emotions. Your business can tap into this by sharing an authentic story to humanise your brand and develop a deeper connection with your audience. Take a closer look at the “We Accept” program that was run by Airbnb — one of the best viral marketing campaigns of recent time. Its play was to focus on belonging and inclusivity.

Viral Marketing Campaigns
Viral Marketing Campaigns

Generated Content

When you ask yourself, “What is viral marketing,” you should know  that it can come in many different formats. For example, user-generated content turns the typical marketing funnel upside down and gets consumers to create and share content related to your brand. You can develop contests, challenges or #campaigns, such as the #ShareaCoke program from Coca-Cola. They designed personalised bottles and encouraged their customers to talk about their experiences.

Social Media Platforms

Social media is a part of most people’s lives, so take advantage of it. Leverage these dominant platforms, and they may give you a great opportunity to go viral. Choose the platform that works best for your clientele (whether that be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok), and then think about creating different forms of media to underpin your program. This could be clever hashtags, eye-catching visuals or short videos, such as the TikTok challenge created by Ocean Spray. One of the brand’s customers started this challenge — a great example of a viral marketing campaign.

Influencer Help

Get in touch with an influencer who has a broad connection with your market,

and see if you can partner with them to promote your brand. This can create a closer relationship with your audience and help build trust and authenticity, boosting your brand’s credibility. Fenty Beauty actively developed its inclusive product range using beauty influencers in its space.

Viral Marketing
Viral Marketing

Relevant Content Creation

Keep an eye on current trends and events and create content that capitalises on it. By doing so, you can capture what can sometimes be fleeting attention and leverage popular culture, seasonal events or social issues. One of the more famous examples of this form of viral marketing involved Oreo. Their marketing executives created a Twitter campaign called “Dunk in the Dark” when an untimely blackout occurred during a Super Bowl game.

Focus on Immersion

Finally, why not try some of the modern solutions to create special and immersive experiences for your audiences? Virtual and augmented reality are really hot solutions that could become powerful tools in your arsenal. Just think how many normal people immerse themselves in apps, such as Pokemon GO, to try and search for virtual creatures. Anything goes in the world of people’s imagination.

Get the Best Event Staff

Whenever you plan to run a real-world event that reaches out to the public, make sure that you get the best event staff to help you. For example, you may need great staff members for product sampling and should always work with the best companies in the business. By the way, check out this post to learn about some of the best publicity stunts in recent times.