Why Virtual Reality Matters To Experiential Marketing

04 Sep

Virtual reality is all about immersion, something that has become increasingly important to marketers. As such, virtual reality, or VR, has become a fun and immersive tool, not just in gaming and virtual experiences, but also in experiential marketing. Virtual reality stands to be one of the most influential tools in a marketer’s arsenal and has the power to impact, engage and inspire users. 

The popularity of VR has increased rapidly over the last few years. In fact, there were an incredible 171 million users of VR technology recorded in 2018. A massive increase from the 200 thousand recorded in 2014. VR headsets are also becoming increasingly accessible and affordable to the public and are likely to continue to become a common sight in homes. In fact, there are to be a predicted 82 million VR headsets sold worldwide by 2020.

The rise of virtual reality alongside its increased accessibility has made it into a powerful tool to be utilised in marketing. In fact, VR has already been used in some pretty impressive and engaging marketing campaigns such as Volvo’s “Volvo reality” which was the worlds first virtual reality test drive and Marriott’s “Teleporter 4-D Sensory Experience”. These campaigns were a big success and suggest that VR will likely continue to be an effective and engaging marketing tool. 

While consumers continue to become more and more sophisticated they are on the hunt for interactive and engaging personal communications from brands and their marketing campaigns. Virtual reality meets these needs and is a great way to connect with a consumer with a personal and interactive message. 

With over 75% of leading brands now incorporating VR into their content strategies to some level, virtual reality is having a significant impression on consumers. In fact, most consumers see campaigns that make use of VR as interesting and progressive. According to research, 80% of consumers feel positively towards branded VR experiences which leads to a higher level of engagement with potential customers. 

Here at Eventeem, we have seen the power that VR technology can have on an experiential marketing campaign first hand and have created this detailed infographic to help demonstrate why virtual reality matters to experiential marketing as well as making suggestions on how it can be harnessed by marketers everywhere.



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