Woolworths – Summer Sensorium

08 Feb


Not for the titanic clash between Federer and Nadal, but to bring ‘a taste of Australian summer’ to lucky fans with their Summer Sensorium.


Woolworths: ‘A Taste Of Australian Summer’

The event, hosted in conjunction with BEcause Experiential Marketing Australia, aimed to showcase the locally sourced, seasonal produce that Woolworths offers, whilst highlighting the work of the farmers from whom they source their goods.


An Experience For All 5 Senses

The experience offered fans a paddock-to-table service, housed within a multi-sensory geodesic dome complete with 360 visual projections produced by Virtual Playground. Participants enjoyed a choice of three meals, hot of the pages of Woolworths’ Fresh magazine and expertly paired with different juices to compliment the dishes.


The Braintrust

Gareth Brock, client development director, BEcause Australia said on the campaign:

“This fresh new sensory food experience will leverage Woolworths’ fresh food credentials and the supermarket’s sponsorship of the Australian Open by educating, engaging and inspiring consumers about how to use and enjoy the freshest seasonal produce. With sessions running daily, the combination of immersive, projection mapping technology with exclusive juice pairings will deliver a truly interactive tasting experience.”


Why We Like it

We can’t put it much better than Gareth, this campaign reinforces Woolworth’s position as a distributor of quality, locally sourced foods. This is also a perfect example of an integrated campaign, exploiting influencer marketing through a launch event featuring Australian Tennis Star Daria Gavrilova and the Woolies Ballkids.

This was then amplified via the Australian Open’s social channels, greatly expanding the reach and exposure the campaign received. With 1.3 million Twitter followers, nearly 2 million Facebook followers and an attendance of over 700,000 it’s safe to say that Woolworths’ campaign is a textbook example of experiential marketing.


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