World Gin Day

24 May


In the words of its organisers, “gin lovers of the world rejoice“, for World Gin Day is almost upon us once again, taking place Saturday 10th June, and bringing with it a host of gin-themed events and activations. In the field of experiential marketing, gin brands have always been at the tip of the spear, recognising its ability to demonstrate the unique, but subtle, differences between brands.

However, we’re not here to discuss that. The point of this article is to outline some of what’s happening on World Gin Day, covering where serial gin lovers can go to sample cocktails, G&Ts, neat gins and even gin ice cream. For those planning to attend, don’t forget to hashtag #WorldGinDay, after all, there’s no point discovering the best gin in the world and keeping it to yourself!


World Gin Day Brand Activations


Gin Mare – G&T Ice Cream Parlour



What Are They Doing?

The first activation we’re covering will take place 9th-11th June in the courtyard of The Hoxton hotel, London, and follows an unusual format. Partnering with custom ice cream specialists Ruby Violet, Gin Mare have created a pop-up ice cream parlour, where visitors have a choice between botanical ice cream or sorbet to create their gin & tonic-infused.

A host of toppings ranging from dried olives to botanical brittle are available to add a personal touch, and each ice cream will have an unconventional G&T partner, served with anything from a slice of mango to a sprinkle of black pepper.


Why Do We Like It?

Here at eventeem, we love an unusual twist on a classic, and this campaign certainly delivers. A fun creative idea, combined with the intelligent selection of an experienced partner, ensures the pop-up will be both engaging and high-quality. Whilst the accompanying G&T concoctions draw focus back to the brand and the product at the centre of the activation, ensuring visitors leave with Gin Mare on the brain in more ways than one.



Silent Pool – World Gin Day Event



What Are They Doing?

World Gin Day 2017 will be the second year craft distillery Silent Pool host an event for the occasion, however the term event feels like an understatement for what appears to be more of a micro-festival, celebrating what makes the brand great.

Taking place at the brand’s distillery in Albury, the event will host food vendors Surrey Spice and Dylan’s Ice Cream striking a balance of locally-produced sweet and award-winning savoury. Furthermore, an additional two Silent Pool gin bars will also be onsite to quench thirsts with a variety of branded concoctions.

Aside from food and drink, there will be music throughout the day, however the biggest attraction is surely the guided distillery tours. All day and free of charge, Silent Pool are offering visitors an inside-look into how they make their famous gin, a must see for true gin enthusiasts.


Why Do We Like It?

Hosting an event like this not only gives Silent Pool a chance to open their doors to brand advocates, whilst remaining accessible to those who may have only heard about the brand in passing.

With industry-specific holidays a regular fixture in the modern calendar, it’s important for brands to capitalise with fun, interactive events like this one, which both raise awareness and generate engagement. With this event, Silent Pool demonstrate that events don’t have to push the boundaries to be successful, it just takes effective execution.


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