Zeo – Zeo Dry Bar

05 May


A new fitness destination has arrived in east London, courtesy of soft drink brand Zeo, bringing fitness, fashion and sugar-free goodness all under one roof.


Zeo Dry Bar


The Aim

Launch a pop-up destination for an alternate night out in London.


What Did They Do?

The pop-up space, launched May 3rd, is billed as a destination for lovers of fitness, fashion, nutrition and yoga to meet and enjoy a diverse mix of pop-up events and experiences. The core concept of the Dry Bar is to be a place for those who want to swap a night on the sauce for something more wholesome.

Taking residence at Old Street Station, east London, the Dry Bar boasts resident live DJs, talks from fitness influencers, a range of athleisure brands including Style Sportif, as well as classes from: Fat Buddha Yoga, VOGA, Good Yoga Life and P4 Body. Nutrition workshops will also be on offer throughout the event, which seeks to carve a new niche for the unconventional night out.

The pop-up will be open until June 3rd and Zeo’s latest, zero added sugar range will be available, for free, for the entirety of its duration.


Why Do We Like It?

Building a community around your brand is a strategy often associated with social media marketing. However, in a digital age fraught with noise, it’s the brands who choose to work with bricks and mortar that create genuine connections.

Zeo’s pop-up exemplifies this, the focus isn’t on the brand, but on the wide and diverse scope of activities and talks on offer. By hosting sessions of true value for their target audience, Zeo allows consumers to develop their own connections with the brand, resulting in a deeper, more organic relationship.

Similarly, the offer of free drinks throughout is a simple way of not only generating value for their visitors, but also reminding them who put this series of experiences together, capping off what is set to be a truly rewarding residency in east London.


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