Zoe Bann | Internship Blog

15 Feb

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself! My name is Zoe and I’m 21. I am currently in my last year studying Advertising Design at the University of South Wales. Within my third year of studies I have found my passion for working within marketing and I jumped at the opportunity to work at eventeem for three weeks! Here is how it went….

Week 1

I was really looking forward to my first day at eventeem although I had just come down with a cold, I wasn’t going to let it bring me down or effect my time at eventeem. On the first day I was introduced to the team and was made aware that everyone in the office loves a good cup of tea and coffee, which I was happy to assist with! I spent my first day getting up to speed with what experiential marketing is and what other companies have done. eventeem works on a lot of experiential campaigns so It was important to be knowledgeable on this subject before getting stuck into some work.

On day 2, I was given my first brief to work on which was exciting! The brief consisted of putting a proposal together for one of Eventeem’s client’s whist working to a timeframe and budget. I spent the first day thinking of possible ideas to present back to the team. Once of the ideas was signed off I was able to start the client proposal getting costs and visuals together, planning suitable locations and setting up a campaign schedule.

Whilst working on the first brief I was given two more by the end of the week to work on. I was told when working within this type of industry you need to learn how to juggle many projects at once, so eventeem wanted me to work within a realistic environment with the challenges they face day to day.

Week 2

Unfortunately, I was still ill at this point powering my way through the early mornings. By this time, I had bought my own box of tissues for my desk and tried to be as quiet as I could without annoying anyone else with my constant coughing and sneezing! I was told I could start emailing suppliers for quotes that I would need to cost up my ideas that I was putting into client proposals. I enjoyed speaking to new people and making new connections. I was keen to learn how to budget projects as this is something I have never done before. Due to it being very new to me I was able to have help off Ceri to make sure I was doing everything correctly.

On Monday my first brief was signed off and I was aiming to get the others finished by the end of the week. I have had constant feedback off Ceri and the team on how I can improve my work, this has been a great help as I can now take these skills and apply them in the future. The week has gone so quick due to getting stuck into a lot of work. I got the chance to go down to their storage unit with Alys and see the sampling bikes that they were getting ready for an upcoming campaign with their client Rachael’s Yoghurt. At the end of the week I was able to sit down with Ceri to go over my proposals so far and add any improvements needed before she could sign them off.


Week 3

Yay! My cold has finally cleared up! On Monday morning I was able to experience one of eventeem’s sampling activities organised for one of their main clients outside Cardiff Central, and I was given a free taster of Rachels new line of granola yoghurts. It was great to see the work first hand that you wouldn’t experience from the office.

On my third and last Monday I was able to sign off my last two briefs ready to have a new one for the week, this would be my fourth brief! eventeem has given me great experience to finish these in a realistic industry timeframe. Throughout my last week I have been able to work on my last client brief a lot more independently with more confidence. It has been lovely working 9-5 Monday – Friday with weekends off, I could finally listen to the radio on my way home and enjoy the presenters talking about finishing on Friday for the weekend without having any additional university work to power through.

I was placed next to Alys in the office during my time at eventeem. She has given me some great advice and has been a lovely friend to talk to! If you ever speak to Alys on the phone, I think everyone should admire her lovely phone voice and general kindness towards people!

eventeem has made me feel very welcome and I am looking forward to inviting everyone to my industry graduation show in a few months. I have never drunk so many cups of tea before in one day whilst being here! Everyone is constantly busy from the minute they step in at 9am right until the last second at 5pm but they were never too busy to help me.


Thank you very much Eventeem and I hope to see you all very soon!


It’s a real pleasure for us to open the doors on life at eventeem! For more information on what we do, or even just a quick chat, contact us today, we’d love to hear from you!