Eventeem Snapshots: Sampling Bike campaigns of 2018

23 Oct

Eventeem Snapshots is our chance to provide you with a glimpse into some of the high-profile promotional events and activations that we’re staffing and implementing across the UK.  2018 has been the busiest yet for our sampling bikes so read on for a roundup of some of the key activity.

Rachel’s Breakfast pot sampling, January 2018
The first sampling bike campaign of the year, the objective of this activity was to support the launch of Rachel’s Breakfast Pots into Tesco Express and Metro stores nationwide, raising awareness of the brand and product by distributing full sized samples in high footfall, city centre locations such as Manchester, Birmingham, and Cardiff.

As with all chilled products, the biggest challenge to overcome when organising a sampling campaign for a dairy brand is the logistics involved in the stock management, and ensuring maintenance of the cold chain. Since Rachel’s is a regular client of ours, we have faced and conquered this challenge many times and were able to offer a fully managed solution to ensure the thousands of samples were where they needed to be and served at the optimum temperature. Our refrigerated sampling bike storage boxes were the perfect solution to ensure this happened.

Over three weeks and fourteen locations, our promotional team delivered just short of 40,000 samples, directly into the hands of the target audience. You can read the full case study and watch the campaign video here >> Rachel’s Breakfast Pot sampling

Rachel's Breakfast Pots

Everyone Active water distribution, July-August 2018
During the summer, we were tasked with devising a water distribution campaign for Everyone Active; the UK’s leading operator of local leisure, gym, swim and activities facilities, working alongside Broccoli Marketing. The client wanted to encourage trial of the facilities with the view to increasing membership, across the east midlands.

Our sampling bikes were the perfect fit for the campaign; Mobile, eye catching,  practical, and in keeping with the active message, the bikes were ideal for the transportation of the stock, doubling up as a stand from which our promotional staff were able to position themselves.

Over six days and three locations, our brand ambassadors distributed just short of 5,000 water bottles. You can read the full case study here >> Everyone Active water bottle distribution

Rolo Snack sampling, July-August 2018
Rolo Snack was launched in May 2018 in Tesco stores with a huge distribution, and as it was a completely new product, the brand wanted as many consumers as possible to discover it first hand through sampling. They were keen to explore the options for a mobile sampling activity that would achieve the campaign objectives whilst also creating brand awareness.

Another chilled product, the client was keen to draw on our expertise of sampling similar items and loved the idea of using our refrigerated sampling bikes in a campaign that mirrored the success of our previous activity with Rachel’s.

Over fifteen days and ten locations, our team distributed a whopping 90,000 chilled samples at high footfall locations and outside point of sale. Read the full case study and view the campaign video here >> Rolo Snack sampling

NINE London sampling campaign, August 2018
NINE contacted us to activate a sampling campaign, shortly after a rebrand in the summer of this year. The client felt the sampling bikes were the perfect fit for the new brand and so we were tasked with running a sampling campaign in London, targeting both high footfall commuter hotspots, and point of sale namely Tesco Express and Holland & Barrett stores.

For campaigns where we are sampling an ambient product, such as this one, there is no need for the refrigerated bike box and so we use our lightweight alternative which has even more capacity for samples, simplifying the logistics and increasing the sampling rate that the promotional staff are able to achieve.

Over four activity days our team distributed over 13,000 samples in Central London locations. You can read the full case study here >> NINE London sampling

NINE London

To discuss a sampling bike campaign for your own brand, give us a call or drop us an email and we can explore your options! 🙂

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