Exhibition Booth Design: Creating an Impactful Presence at Events

30 Aug

How Your Exhibition Booth Design Can Help You Create a Powerful Presence at Events

Undoubtedly, exhibitions and trade shows are back with a bang following the pandemic slowdown. People love to mingle, representing a powerful opportunity for you to promote your brand and services. But if you are going to use these events effectively, you’ve got to pay close attention to your exhibition booth design. So, how can you focus on this area to create a powerful presence?

Exhibitions Are Back

According to Exhibitor Online, almost 9 out of 10 companies expect to return to pre-pandemic exhibiting levels very soon. You may also have seen this opportunity and are trying to come up with some trade stand ideas to boost your return. In this case, your trade show booth design would be crucial, and you may want to follow some of these tips as you plan.

Talk with the Organiser About Your Trade Show Display

If you’re starting with a clean sheet of paper for your booth design, get all information from the exhibition organiser to understand their requirements and what they will be supplying. For example, some organisers will provide carpeting for your booth, while others may not but require you to do so instead. Also, be aware of any restrictions in terms of signs, lighting or banners so you don’t run into issues with the organiser before you start.

Trade Show Displays
Trade Show Displays

Plan Well

Carefully consider what you need to make the show a success. This research will determine the size of your space and its overall design. You may need some additional space to store some of your marketing collateral. You may need special power requirements for an interactive display or lighting.

Be Consistent

You’ll certainly want to be consistent with your branding and messaging, and consider where you will display your logo and other elements. Ideally, you want your booth to stand out from afar so that people can find you easily.

Reach Out to the Uninitiated

You may want to cater to those who don’t know much about your organisation but may wish to learn. So, be very clear about what your company does in your booth design, colour theme and messaging. You should also work with top-quality graphic designers and printing companies to ensure that all your collateral and messaging is first class.

Booth Design
Booth Design

Try the Unexpected Approach

If appropriate for your brand, you may want to try something different and have an unexpected or even playful vibe. Perhaps you can offer visitors the opportunity to get ‘hands-on’ with some of your demo products, especially if you can gamify your approach in some way.

Feature the Draw of Technology

Make the most of the latest technology. Consider using touchscreens or tablets. These tend to draw people into your space if they are prominently displayed. You may be able to gather some of their contact information as part of the interactive process for future use.

Try Video Demonstrations

Don’t forget the power of the video in any marketing campaign, especially here. You can show off your service or product in a highly professional and memorable way and give product demonstrations on a rolling basis. As a recent report says, 96% of people prefer to watch an explainer video to learn about a service or product than read any written collateral.

Trade Stand Ideas
Trade Stand Ideas

Offer Help for Attendees

Finally, think about offering exhibition guests a lifeline if they’re struggling to get an internet connection or have a dying battery. You may set up a small phone charging station or publicise your free Wi-Fi. If you have the additional space, you might stage a small lounge area as part of one of your trade stand ideas.

Staff Your Exhibition in the UK

As you can see, there are many ways to make your exhibition booth design stand out. But don’t forget you also need the human touch if you want to make your event and project a success. Consider reaching out to the experts to get the highest-quality exhibition staff. Eventeem can help you with all your brand activation needs, so contact one of our friendly staff members for additional advice about your exhibition.