How Can You Streamline the Process When Sourcing Venues?

15 May

The proper venue can make or break an event, putting additional pressure on a planner. It’s especially important to get this right if time is of the essence, and where every day counts, the planner needs to be as efficient as possible. So if you’re in the situation, how can you streamline the event venue selection process to make things much easier?

When the Clock Starts Ticking…

Without a strategic plan in place, event venue selection can become long-winded, time-consuming and stressful. And don’t forget that the “right” venues don’t grow on trees, and other event planners may be competing for the same space.

…the Pressure Mounts

The importance of event venue selection cannot be understated. Get it right, and overall success will be within your reach. This is particularly the case where experiential events are concerned, as the type of venue may be absolutely crucial. No matter what you do in terms of detailed planning and on-site delivery, if your attendees do not fall in love with your venue selection, you may be out of luck.

Importance of Event Venue Selection
Importance of Event Venue Selection

Turn to Technology

Some planners will have first-hand experience and may be able to quickly choose a potential venue once they’ve agreed to the base parameters or received a brief from the client. However, if you don’t have this luxury, you should consider using some event technology to help you get to the point.

Use the Power of Dedicated Search

How can technology help you with event venue selection?

Firstly, you can shortcut the venue selection process by entering all the pertinent details into the search engine of a dedicated platform. When you have a powerful database on hand, it’ll take less time to pinpoint some candidates rather than going through the exhausting process associated with a manual search.

Some of the best tech platforms will quickly eliminate some of the unsuitable venues when you enter information, such as:

  • total required number of sleeping rooms
  • upper and lower rates for hotel rooms
  • budgetary parameters for daily meals
  • star ratings
  • attendee ratings
  • entertainment options
  • on-site or off-site activity options
  • special promotions

If any or all of those parameters are potential deal breakers, you should be able to line up a much smaller list of candidates in next to no time.

Venue Selection Process
Venue Selection Process

Work with Electronic RFPs

Try to find a tech platform that allows you to send electronic RFPs in short order. Every planner knows how tedious it can be to fill out individual RFPs, one by one. Again, make sure that you have all the information at your fingertips before you begin the process, and you can then load in your parameters and quickly get in touch with potential venues. The electronic RFP will set out your particular venue requirements for the event.

Ideally, each response will come through based on the submitted template. This should make it much easier for you to narrow down the choices and come up with your best candidate.

Carry out Virtual Site Visits

Nowadays, it is also much easier to conduct virtual site visits. Some of the better venues already have this type of facility and may also offer virtual floorplans that you can work with to maximise the space and ensure it meets the venue requirements for your event.

Venue Requirements for an Event
Venue Requirements for an Event

Staff Your Event With the Best People

Develop a streamlined approach as you recognise the importance of event venue selection. Then, don’t forget to get the best event staff. As you know, your people can make or break a successful event as well, and you need people who are cut out for the role in question. So, whether you need promotional staff, exhibition staff, automotive event staff or brand ambassadors, reach out to the experts for assistance. Eventeem is one of the country’s most experienced event staffing agencies, and representatives are standing by to help with your needs.