How to Ensure Your Event Registration Experience Runs Smoothly

12 Jul

Just imagine. You’ve spent much time and effort planning your masterpiece event, and it’s almost time for the big day. You’ve figured out your conference staff roles and responsibilities, and your attendees are now on your side. They may be looking forward to their experience as much as you are and cannot wait to get on-site. So, you have to ensure you do not trip at the first hurdle and mess up the event registration. How can you make this go as smoothly as possible, especially when it comes to your event staff?

Planning Is Everything

As a seasoned event organiser, you undoubtedly know that planning is key. The more attention you give to this subject, the better and the more likely your event is going to go off well on the day. Consequently, you should treat your event registration experience as an event within an event. Put a great deal of thought into how it should work, and don’t leave any stone unturned.

Begin by creating a flow chart. Identify each step of the process as if it were an assembly line in a car factory. Everything will need to be staged as logically as possible, and make sure you have plenty of room.

Designing the Assembly Line

Go through each step carefully in your mind.

For example, you will need a greeter who should talk to each attendee as they enter the room. You may need somebody at a console who can look up names before printing out their ID card. Another person may need to retrieve the printed card and connect it with a lanyard and protective cover as the next staff member takes the attendee’s signature and hands them that ID. At the next step of the assembly line is another individual who will hand over the event programme and a bag of goodies. Finally, the person at the end of the line encourages people to move on to a separate area so they do not jam up the works.

You may need to add more steps based on the specifics of your event, but this can form the basis of your event registration system.

Thinking of Timing

If you have an event where you expect many attendees, think carefully about your timing. Break up the big pieces into small chunks. For example, if you know that a certain group of attendees will be arriving around the same time and if your event is based at a hotel, consider having a satellite registration point next to the hotel registration desk. These guests may be able to take care of all the formalities at the same time.


If at all possible, try to preregister your guests. You may want to work with some event registration software to allow people to register online and print some of the info to bring with them instead. They may still need to sign disclaimers or other documentation, but you may be able to have a separate line for those who have preregistered. All these measures could help to reduce delays and any potential frustration.

Calming the Queue

Try to make the main event registration area as attractive as possible and carefully design the “queueing” area. People generally dislike queueing, and even though it may be inevitable, you may want to take a leaf out of the theme park book. Study how these entertainment experts structure queueing lanes so they look easier and you can keep any stress levels low.

Planning Your Lines

If you will have different categories of visitors and may have to take care of certain VIPs, consider having a separate registration area for them. Likewise, you may have attendees from the media who have specific requirements and should have their own line.

Creating the Mood

As you think about making that registration area a nice place to be, what about some background, ambient music? You could get that piped over the in-house system by the venue or think about adding an event DJ in the corner. This touch could help set a great mood, especially if you add a complimentary tea or coffee station.

Training Your Key Workers

Make sure you have competent, friendly and calm event staff members. Prepare a briefing document that goes into fine details and tells them how the event registration process will be managed. Don’t assume they will “get” what you intend to do, and be prepared to have a dummy run earlier or the day before.

Sourcing Management Staff

You should also have people who are experienced in event registration management on hand so they can quickly react to any issue before it spirals. Remember, this will be your first big test in your attendees’ eyes, and you will want to avoid any threat of panic or chaos at all costs.

Being on Time

If you’re confident that you have all the planning in place, you now need to convert it to reality.

Aim to set up well in advance and certainly before any of your attendees start to arrive. Allow for delays and last-minute issues. Ensure that monitors and printers are working correctly and communicating with each other, especially if you rely on the venue to provide them. Also, ask your event staff members to arrive with plenty of time to spare, which will allow for any unexpected delays.

Remember, nothing suggests disorganisation as much as an event that is not ready for the first visitor when they arrive. It’ll create a bad impression right away, which you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

Crafting Your Masterpiece

So, as you can see, there is plenty to think about as you craft your ideal event registration experience. Without a doubt, competent staffing will be a key element, and you should work with experts to ensure you get the right people. As you plan, reach out to the friendly folks at Eventeem for relevant advice.